I’m excited to share with you some big news about where God is leading me this year! I am so expectant about 2017 and all that it holds. God continues to speak to me about how to step out in new ways to reach the world and I’m eager to bring along people like you who continue to provide support, friendship and encouragement during this journey.

I arrived back home in Ohio at the end of March. This first couple weeks of being home was a time of much-needed rest, processing and reconnection with family and friends. Re-entry into home culture after a period of emotional, cultural and spiritual stretching is always a bit of a roller coaster ride and I was thankful for the time to wrap my head around everything that had happened while I was away.


Since my recovery period, I’ve been primarily working, praying, planning and connecting with as many people as possible. The knowledge that I’ll be leaving home again soon has challenged me to be intentional about spending time with family, reaching out to people and connecting with those that God has put on my heart. I’ve been so encouraged to see God’s faithfulness in new and faith-inspiring ways as I’ve pushed past my comfort zone and shared my heart for the ministry God is leading me into. But, those are stories for another time!

SO, WHAT’S NEXT? I’ve so enjoyed seeing my future with God come into clarity and go from an idea, to a plan and… soon, a reality! In the last 8 years, God has walked me through the journey of understanding His heart for those who are lost and broken, and how He wants me to partner with Him to reach them.

In 2017, I’m stepping into this role full-time and long-term.


As I’ve prayed and sought God’s leading, He has spoken and confirmed that He wants me to step into a full time staff role alongside Youth With A Mission (YWAM)’s base in Perth, Australia. I’m excited to announce that the base has heard confirmation on this and has officially accepted me to serve in this role with them!! God has shown me that He wants to use me to facilitate restoration and growth in people’s lives through relationship with Him and discipleship. I’ll be doing this by working alongside YWAM to 1. go into the nations to share the gospel and minister to the broken-hearted and to 2. train, equip and mobilize missionaries who are currently on or entering the field.

Why Australia? The base I will be serving at is a gateway base to missions work in the most unreached parts of the world – Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The need for people in these areas to know God’s love is urgent and meeting that need is the number one goal of YWAM, the base in Perth and myself.

Additionally, this base is in the process of birthing a ministry that God has given me a long term vision for – a missionary care ministry. While I was serving in the Philippines and Australia, I found my heart most deeply broken for 2 people groups – those who did not know Jesus… and the missionaries who were serving the lost, but struggling to have their own needs met. God has directed me to learn to minister to these needs by working alongside this new ministry in Perth as they help missionaries zealously walk out their calling while remaining in the wholeness that God desires for all of us.

This journey will start July 1st 2017! It begins with 3 months of communication training. After this, I will join my long-term team to staff a training school that equips missionaries and sends them out to the nations. During this time I will be pouring into and leading a team of men and women during training and on outreach in a yet-unknown part of the world in January 2018. It’s going to be quite a year!


Taking this leap into full time ministry is no small endeavor. As I obey God’s leading, my biggest challenge is actively trusting Him to provide for my needs. And as I’m learning to do this, I’m also coming to see how deep His love and goodness goes – and how SURE my position is as His favored daughter… not because of anything I do to deserve it, but because He is faithful.

What are some of these needs that I’m trusting for? My two greatest needs right now are for prayer and monthly financial support. YWAM requires each missionary that works with them to raise their own support. In order to pay for my room and board and living expenses and outreach expenses, I need $1,000 per month in financial support to sustain this ministry.

God has already generously provided 35% of my monthly funding!! I am also working and have been able to earn enough to buy my plane tickets (around $2,000) and am on my way to being able to pay for my visas and insurance ($2,500)! I am seeing His faithfulness and care go to new depths and am so thankful.

I cannot do this without people advocating for me in prayer. Here are some of the things that my prayer support partners and I are trusting God for right now in prayer:

  • Protection, strength wisdom, guidance, and a deep love for Jesus as I move forward.
  • That God would touch the right hearts to give and that this ministry would be fully funded by the time I leave the U.S. in July.
  • For a buyer for my 2015 Fiat 500 (let me know if you would like more details).
  • For favor in communication as I continue to share my vision with people and that God would open doors for me to bless and love on people well here in Dayton, Ohio.

I am also praising God for the provision he has already provided!! For the 35% of my funding the He has already given and for providing the *perfect* Jesus-loving renters for my house while I’m gone. He has even provided someone to mow my lawn for free in my absence! He is so generous in even the smallest details!

If anything that I have shared resonates with you, I’d like to ask – would you prayerfully consider becoming a prayer or financial support partner? I am so eager to have you be a part of the powerful work I know God is going to do in the nations through this upcoming commitment to missions. You can receive my prayer request emails by subscribing here. You can give financially through PayPal here or DonorBox here. If you have any questions, please contact me!

Thank you for taking the time to read this update! I know how busy life can be and sincerely appreciate your investment. If you’d like to receive my regular email updates, you can subscribe here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to catch up or hear more about the ministry God’s put on my heart. I would love to connect with you.

All my love,
Liz Robertson