This goes back a couple months.

One afternoon, I went to do some design work at a local coffee shopped called Boston Stoker (a normal working place for me before I got a 9-5 job 45 minutes away). When I sat down, I noticed that a man I knew, Jim, was sitting across from me. After his meeting, he approached me and said hello. We talked about a ministry he was working with to bring together leaders in the local christian community to address issues having to do with poverty in Dayton. The night before, I had talked with God about serving and He had spoken to me about using my design skills to serve His kingdom. At that time, I had been eager to do so, but unsure how to put it into action. Seeing an opportunity, I mentioned to Jim that if his organization needed a website, he should let me know.

Skip forward until today.

Today I was able to work remotely instead of driving into my Springfield office. I stayed at home until 12, when I suddenly felt that I would be more productive at Boston Stoker. So I packed up and went there instead.

Across town, from 9am-12pm, a Pastor and Ministry leader named Scott, whom I had never met, was holding a prayer meeting. During that time, he was crying out to the Lord for a solution to his need to get his ministry website put together in time for his upcoming broadcast on TBN so that he could refer people to his site during the broadcast. He has a team of people to help him, but things had gotten in the way and now the site wasn’t getting done. During this meeting, he specifically prayed that God would resolve the need TODAY. Jim, who I had run into a couple months ago and offered my website help to, just happened to be at this meeting and hear that prayer. It weighed on his heart as he left the meeting that day.

A couple hours later, Jim went to Boston Stoker to meet with someone. When he walked in, he saw me working on my computer and immediately the prayer request rushed to his mind. He came over, a look of overwhelmed delight on his face, and told me his story, then suggested that I may be an answer to the prayer.

Of course, I said yes. The Lord had readied my heart for the request and provided the need and it was clear that He would use me with whatever I could offer and multiply it, as He is in the habit of doing with our sacrifices.

It also just so happens that Scott, whom I heard about and talked to for the first time in my life today, has a ministry doing church planting in India. His ministry here reaches out to the least of these in Dayton, who need love and compassion in a way that few others ever will. Additionally, his ministry reaches from the least here all the way to the least in India, a place that happens to be very dear to my heart.

I can’t even express how amazing it is to be part of God’s sovereign plan. I’m so humbled and excited and delighted when I see things come together with precision that only He can orchestrate.

More so even, I am delighted to have seen the faith and love of a man like Jim grown today. He sat across from me as he told his story, tears of amazement in his eyes at God’s goodness in answering Scott’s prayers so specifically. I can’t think of anything in this world better than being a part of such a swelling heart of love for my dear, dear Father.

Thank you, Jesus, for answering my prayers as you answer others’. It is my heart to be with you in your work and I am so delighted to have seen that so clearly today.